Man seen using BRUSH to stop London’s torrential flash flooding is hailed a hero


People have been swept away by an everyday hero seen trying to brush torrential flood waters down a drain with his broom.

A video has been shared showing the man surrounded by gushing water outside Kings Cross Station.

The heavens opened in London today as the downpours caused travel chaos with the water even flowing into tube stations deep underground.

But during the pandemonium, one man stood tall as he valiantly tackled the issue head on.

Clutching his trusty broom, he kept on sweeping – despite very much looking like he was swimming against the tide. He is seen in the middle of the road frantically trying to clear the rain water away as cars, vans and buses make a splash.

Leaves surround him but he keeps on going, and was hailed a hero on social media for his efforts as the rain lashed down.

A video of the ambitious clean-up attempt quickly stole focus on twitter.

One user wrote: “Use a mop dude. You might as well eat soup with a fork.”

Another said: “Bros sweeping the ocean lmao.”

A third said: I can only assume that man with the broom is keeping the drain clear of leaves. What a hero!”

The comments kept coming and another person said: “He’s the hero we need on a wet Wednesday.”

The huge storm has left many London streets submerged in water and train stations flooded.

The UK is being battered by storms after a week of scorching sunshine and temperatures reaching up to 36C.

Eleven areas in the east, south east and London have been warned by the Met Office to expect heavy rain and storms between 11am and 10pm today, with as many as two inches forecast to fall.

The Met Office warned: “Heavy showers and thunderstorms are expected to break out today leading to some flooding and disruption.

“Some places will miss these, but where they do occur, 30 to 50 mm of rain could fall in less than an hour and a few places may see in excess of 100 mm in a few hours where storms are slow moving. Lightning and hail will be additional hazards.

“Showers and storms will slowly die out this evening.”

A separate yellow thunderstorm warning remains in place for nearly half the country, with forecasters extending it further north to include southeast Wales

A spokesman added: “The yellow area has been extended northwestwards to cover more of England and moving into southeast Wales, the start time brought forward, and the likelihood of impacts increased.”